Fairies, Flowers, & Fruit

My cousin Cade, 8, with her fairy garden.

A few years back, my auntie Tara and uncle Mark decided to start their own garden, lined with wire fence to keep the animals away from the vegetables and fruits they planned to grow. It’s been awhile now and their garden has been successful year after year, producing watermelon, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and much more. They have four kids, Cooper, Quinn, Cade, and Kellan, who all love to help with the garden, especially Cade who now has her own garden, but this particular garden is filled with fairies and flowers. She picked out and planted all of the flowers herself and decorated in between with fairies, little houses, and whatever else she felt fit for her garden.

Cade with her twin brother, Kellan, planting vegetables in the main garden.

When it comes time to start planting, my uncle Mark and cousins plan out where everything needs to go and start digging, the whole process taking them a few hours at least. Their garden is pretty big and well kept after and as you can see from the picture, its location is close to the woods so there’s always the occasional deer and rabbit spotting. They don’t have many issues with animals eating their fruits and vegetables though; the biggest issue is the bugs eating whatever they want.

As for now and the coming years, Cade’s fairy garden will continue to thrive, each year with different flowers and decorations. The main garden will also live on for many more years, producing some of the best fruits and vegetables I’ve had. Although my family may not have a garden of our own, we can always rely on my aunt and uncle to provide us with whatever we want from their surplus of produce they grow.