The Farm Down The Street

Fairmount Fruit Farm located in Franklin,Massachusetts has been in operation since 1920. In 1920 James Koshivas came to America from Greece and purchased the farm from an industrialist in Worcester named Morse. Morse had owned the property for many years prior to James purchasing the land. James Always had the passion and vision of growing the farm into a large apple producing orchard while making a living for his now growing family. Now 90 years later the third, fourth and fifth generation are carrying on the vision that began so long ago by a young immigrant who moved from Greece all the way to America by him self. The farm today is still filled with 20+ acres of apple, peach as well as pear tree’s. The Farm is open year round offering a variety of fresh produce, free range eggs, dairy products, baked goods and also other products made by other local vendors. The Farm also stays very active in the community by providing classes such as “Farmers In Training” which is a summer program that takes place for 6 weeks each summer for kids ages 8-12 that teaches them all there is to know about how a farm works and operates that grows food for the public. Other classes are offered such as Goat yoga, Animal Tales and Kids in the Kitchen. The Farm is a special place for myself. Growing up just 5 minutes down the road from the farm and my father being good friends with owners of the farm I spent many days as a child running around the biggest and coolest playground a 5 year old could ever dream of. From hay rides on the tractor, to going apple picking, to late night trips for apple cider donuts in the fall, Fairmount has always been the secret spot in town for myself.

Crops rebound after drought-plagued 2016, farmers say - News - Milford  Daily News - Milford, MA
Fairmount Fruit Farm’s Charles Koshivas with a 20-bushel of Honey Crisp apples, Summer of 2020

If you ever find your self hanging around Franklin Massachusetts and wanna stop by a place that does it all feel free to stop by Fairmount Fruit Farm Located at 887 Lincoln Street Franklin ,MA 02038

The Farm Stand, Taken on a beautiful sunny summer day in 2019

Written By: Cam Casella