Summer Time Means Salsa Time

 Written by: Morgan Barker

Have you ever had a garden or something that you take care of regularly? Well my family does, and every year during the summer my stepdad makes the best salsa. He grows his own tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, cilantro, and other plants to make the best tasting salsa that I have ever had along with many other tasty dishes. My stepdad grows tomatoes towards the end of spring, beginning of the summer and they are usually ready around July or August. He is so engaged with his garden that every time a vegetable starts to sprout, he sends it to me and my family. I remember when his onion started to sprout, he was so excited, and I was excited too because I knew that salsa time was about to begin. My favorite part about his salsa is growing the vegetables with him, especially watching the jalapeños grow. It takes about three to four months for them to be ripe. Some of the jalapeños that he plants in our garden are not fully sprouted, however the ones that are we use for our amazing dip. To add a little flavor to our dip my stepdad usually puts a little bit of cilantro to give it that kick. Growing vegetables in my stepdad‘s garden makes me feel somewhat like a chef, because I am making salsa with the ingredients that I grew in our garden. Not many people can actually take the time to grow vegetables or different types of fruit to make something on their own. Usually people just go out and buy salsa or whatever they need to make the salsa and just make it themselves. I think it is more fun and enjoyable for me to grow the ingredients with my step dad and make the salsa from scratch. I think everyone should try to make this recipe from scratch even if you grab a little packet of seeds and watch the vegetables grow within three to four months. It is definitely worth the wait. I believe that everyone can actually do it but it takes time and patience. Try to make your own salsa and see how it comes out! Having a garden in our backyard has really brought my family together. Gardening can be a wonderful way to connect with your family, friends, and other members of your community.