Kyle Templeton


Garden Memoirs

Blog Post #1

From age’s one to five I lived in Monica hill New Jersey on about 3 acres of land. We had a considerable greenhouse along with a large garden that ran up the right side of our property. The greenhouse was about 10 feet long and 7 feet wide with 8-foot ceilings. We took advantage of all of the space and it was always cluttered with tons of plants and gardening tools. There was shelving that wrapped all the way around the upper layer of the greenhouse. We mostly had cactus and succulent plants up there because they don’t require frequent watering along with various potting buckets and trowels. Summer was my favorite season while living in New Jersey. We had so many plants and flowers growing on our property it brought all kinds of life. From butterflies and bees to birds and turtles so much wildlife was attracted to the garden. We grew buddleias and moon flowers which are shown in the third picture. You can see that the third picture was taken at night time. This is because moon flowers only open at night due to them mostly being pollinated by night-time flying insects.

We also grew tons and tons of tomatoes in the greenhouse. We would always start by sprouting the seedlings in aluminum trays and then we would transfer them to 5-gallon buckets with a support rod once they were big enough. The awesome thing about a greenhouse is that you can grow all year round and not just in a few select months. The sun’s raise get absorbed through the glass roof and walls of the greenhouse and the plants convert the sun energy into heat energy. We use window vents to control the temperature keeping it around 60-70 degrees. Greenhouses are an awesome way to take your gardening to the next level.