Whiting Farm

In high school there was one day each spring when the seniors would go on their trip and the rest of the school would go out and do community service. My junior year we decided to go to Whiting Farm and help them with some chores around the farm. When we arrived a few minutes after nine I immediately noticed the chickens running around clucking happily. After I stopped gazing at the chickens I looked around and noticed two giant greenhouses, it was only a minute before we were being shown inside. As I took a step inside I noticed these beautiful plants growing in rows, there were also others hanging from the ceiling. As I listened I learned that  these beautiful pink, yellow, speckled red plants in rows were called poinsettias. It was amazing to see the variety and the beauty of these plants. They had another greenhouse which had a huge variety of flowers and other little succulents inside but the poinsettias really had my attention.


After getting to look at these wonderful greenhouses we split up into groups to begin our work. Half of the group split up and went to fetch the chicken eggs and clean the pen, I was overjoyed to realize that my group would be digging up and tilling some land that the farmers were going to plant tomatoes in. We took out the roots and rocks that we found and threw them off to the side and by the end of the day we were left with a large space of soil where the workers were going to begin adding compost and creating little trenches for the seeds. I was excited to have participated and gained a little more knowledge in something I had very little experience in.

Unfortunately I could not find picture of the area of land we fixed but this is similar to how ours looked when complete.

Written by Eli Thibodeau