Exploring Merrimack College

By: Gordon Pham

These are some pictures I taken when I was at Merrimack College and in my home town. The first picture shows that there is still snow on campus and that the pond is still frozen. What I would like to know about the pond is if any fish or other species are swimming in the frozen pond?

The second picture is show a tree with green fungus growing on the side of a large tree. I researched that the green algae growing on the tree is not dangerous or harmful to the tree. Algae and moss can be a food source and provides energy for the fungus during photosynthesis. During one of my ecology labs, the lab groups wanted to take a nature walk near the woods. This was interesting to me because I thought it was dangerous to touch.

The last picture is a memory last spring when the weather was still warm and I grew small pepper plants in my garage. I had a memory when I would leave the pepper plants out in the sun and adding fertilizer to add nutrients to the plants. Every few hours I would go outside and add water to the pots. I knew that they were ready to eat after the peppers would grow a little bigger and the colors were a dark orange or red color. These are Asian peppers that are very spicy. These peppers are usually used to make Korean Kimchi and they go best with almost any meal.

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