The Benefits of Urban Farming

A gardening topic that I find very interesting and want to learn more about is the benefits of farming in the city. I find this topic really interesting because farming in the city is very different from farming in the country, and I feel as though it isn’t talked about enough. Farming in the city has another term which it is best known as: urban farming. One benefit of urban farming is the proximity. Since cities are more populated, the local crops that are grown are easily accessed by more people. Also, urban farmers don’t have to worry about paying to transfer their goods because it is all sold to the people who live around them. Another benefit of urban farming is it is accessible to anyone. This means that people of low income have the opportunity to have access to nutritious food that is also at a low price. One of my favorite advantages of urban farming is its ability to build a sense of community. It does this by offering an experience for people to gather together and it benefits all. Urban farming is also very adaptable, meaning that the setting can vary. For instance, one can set up an urban farm in a backyard, on a porch, on a rooftop, etc. It also can vary on the number of people it needs to run an urban farm. An urban farm can be run by a whole group of urban farmers or even just one person. Urban farming also tends to be low risk because urban farmers can just cultivate a garden in their own space instead of having the financial burden of buying new land. Also, there is a huge demand for locally grown food. Many people prefer locally grown food and local urban farmers know the wants and needs of their community that they live in. Overall, urban farming has many benefits that make the city a more healthy and happier place. 

Written by Hannah Brennan

Another urban farm adds so much color to city!
Urban farm community!
Urban farming adding color to the gloomy city!