A Holistic Life

Written and Illustrations by Aleda Collins

Holistic medicine aims to treat the entire body, mind, and soul as opposed to strictly treating symptoms. Holistic philosophies are centered around the idea that everything is interconnected. With these two definitions alone, it can be argued that holistic beliefs are those that are beneficial to the entirety of a situation. And if that’s the case, a holistic approach to life might be worth a shot.

The difference between a holistic philosophy and a holistic lifestyle is only the matter of taking action based on the ideas about everything in the Earth and Universe being connected. As humans, I believe that we long for connection. With people, pets, passions, whatever the case may be; we want this interconnectedness with the Earth so that we are able to feel purpose, and I want that connection to be a good one.

Aside from eating less meat and using less plastic, the opportunities to live a holistic lifestyle are overflowing in your backyard. That’s right, a single plot of land can offer its nutrients to supply ingredients for holistic remedies, household cleaners, perfume, and of course snacks. This is a great tool for people that want to have a positive connection with their environment, but can’t separate from meat products just yet. There are so many simple recipes that make such a huge difference to the health of our planet and ourselves. Here is one of my favorites for an all-purpose household cleaner that not only kills germs safely, but smells amazing:

Illustration by Aleda Collins
  • One part white vinegar
  • One part water
  • Lemon (or other citrus) rinds
  • Rosemary

Combine these ingredients and let rest for about a week before using on kitchen counters, glass, sinks, garbage cans. Tip: avoid using on granite