Compost and Flower Beds

Kyle Templeton


Garden Memoirs

Blog Post #2

In 2006 my family moved to Townsend Massachusetts. We moved during the month of June and one of the first things I remember doing that week was build a large wooden compost container. We built our compost pile about 10 feet back into the woods. The location we chose was critical because if it was too far out of the way it would not get used as much but if it was too close to the areas we frequent on the property it would smell bad. To build the composter we first dug six holes in the ground for our 4×4 support posts. We added concrete to each post so they would not move and would have a secure base. We built and double-sided composter and you can see from the picture the far side and walls of the composter have spacing in between for better airflow. The wall in the middle and the front wall of the composter is solid so to help keep the compost contained properly.

We use our compost for everything. We have upwards of 10 flower beds on our property along with two beds that are for growing vegetable crops. Before we mulch in the spring we always put down a nice healthy layer of compost on our beds to help with the nutrients our flowers are getting and to put back some nutrients that were lost from the prior year. We grow a lot of tomatoes (heirlooms, cherry, Roma) and they absolutely love the compost. Compost is amazing for your crop beds and very key to growing strong healthy tomato plants. My father’s grandmother owned a flower nursery and garden supply store. Growing up my dad would always spend a lot of time with her at the nursery learning about all the different kinds of plants. That is where he gets all of his motivation to maintain so many flower beds on our property. It is not easy or cheap to plant, mulch, and maintain a bed of flowers but it is all worth it once it is fully grown and flowered and you get to enjoy the beauty and life they provide. After planting these beds for so many years with my family I am excited to start my own flower beds and compost pile when I get a property of my own.